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Marieta del Rivero, independent board member of Cellnex, Merge

The Chair, attached to the Andalusian Institute for Research in Data Science and Computational Intelligence (DaSCI), will be directed by Francisco Herrera Triguero and Óscar Cordón García, both professors of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Granada; for TECNALIA the heads will be Javier del Ser Lorente, principal investigator and head of the Artificial Intelligence Platform; and Alberto Diez Olivan, principal investigator of the Smart Systems platform.

TECNALIA is a leading Research and Technological Development Center in Europe, with 1,400 experts of 30 nationalities, focused on transforming technology into GDP to improve people’s quality of life, creating business opportunities for companies.

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La universidad de buenos Aires está dentro del top 100 de las mejores universidades del mundo y además vienen muchos Estudiantes de intercambio de Norteamérica, Asia y Europa a estudiar allí. Es probable que para el futuro estas naciones estén más desarrolladas y sean piezas secundarias importantes para estudiar un tipo de inteligencia artificial en colaboración con una universidad importante ya seleccionada como la hay por ahora en tu juego.

Nota: Cuando añada estas opciones, las pondré a disposición en función de la inteligencia lingüística de Emerson. Todas las universidades que figuran actualmente tienen planes de estudio en inglés, y para asistir a una de estas otras opciones sería necesario que Emerson fuera multilingüe.

posdata, a los japoneses les apasiona la inteligencia artificial debido a que en su religión nativa del sintoísmo creen que los objetos tienen alma y la IA es una forma en que está alma de los objetos se manifiesta a los hombres para muchos japoneses.

Que tal si se hace un mini ordenador en la cuenca del ojo de alguien y se ramifica la IA dentro con un ojo falso capaz de transmitir datos al cerebro como un ojo real y hacer un enlace con el cerebro humano para permitir la conversación entre la IA y su anfitrión. Y quizás permitir que la IA proyecte a través del ojo una proyección de sí misma en el mundo real.

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The interest in science even reaches the world of entertainment. That’s why in this list we have compiled some of the best science-related movies you can watch on streaming.

More and more of us are interested in science and want to educate ourselves about it. It’s a field of study that has managed to improve the world in a variety of ways, and it affects us in virtually every aspect of our lives.

But as much as we are interested in science, sometimes we don’t feel like studying or watching documentaries. Fortunately for all of us, there are very entertaining ways to spend some time on science in our daily lives.

There are films for all tastes: biographical films that deal with the lives of some of the most important scientists in history, films that raise ethical issues in science, science fiction films that show what the world would be like if certain scientific theories proved to be true?

Some are well known and have even won several Oscars, and others have gone much more unnoticed. But we assure you that they are all worthwhile and will make your evenings more entertaining.

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The IEEE, created in 1963, is the largest association in the field of electrical and electronic engineering, whose objective is the advancement of technology and education in those areas, as well as in computer science and similar disciplines. The organization is composed of more than 423,000 members throughout more than 160 countries and produces 30% of the literature.

The researcher César Montenegro of the Intelligent Systems Group (ISG) research group was the winner of the “Aguathón”, a competition that seeks to model the behavior of the level of the Ebro River as it passes through the city of Zaragoza, based on the levels observed at the Ebro station in Tudela. A total of 89 groups have registered for the contest.

“The collaboration between the three entities has been very positive. Each of them has contributed the best of their knowledge on the subject and, in the end, the result has been very satisfactory because it represents a big step in the development of the Industry 4.0 concept and in the ‘collaborative robot’ project. The collaborative environment is becoming increasingly important worldwide, eliminating barriers in the work environment, and projects like this one highlight this new revolution in the work environment,” said Basilio Sierra, professor at the Faculty of Computer Science. The video shows the skills incorporated in the prototype.