Best universities in germany for computer science

Best engineering universities in Argentina

The Munde program manages mobility with universities in countries not included in the Erasmus Program. The possibility of obtaining a scholarship or economic endowment and its amount depends in each case on the agreements with the universities, countries or entities that subscribe it.

The price also includes: weekly cleaning, sheets and towels, with change once a week, high speed Wifi in rooms and all the rooms of the residence, individual heating and cooling, etc.

In order for the discount to be applicable, students must enter the code when making their reservation. If you need any help in the reservation process, please write to indicating the reservation code.

ERASMUSU ERASMUSU ERASMUSU is the largest student community in Europe. Book verified accommodation through a secure system, in Madrid and all over the world and you can also find information about cities, universities, interesting destinations and forums where you can meet people.

Best universities for systems engineering

The appropriation of diverse image production techniques allows them to create high quality graphic interfaces, visualizations and multimedia content; and algorithmic thinking and logical-mathematical principles are the key to face data analysis, problem solving and learning different programming languages.

Because it is a profession of growing demand due to the continuous expansion of the software and IT industry, which represents at least 15% of the world’s GDP. It is expected that by 2025 this industry will represent 5% of the GDP and 30% of Colombia’s total exports (Fedesoft).

«Doing my international academic exchange in a country like Finland has been an exceptional experience. Having the opportunity to take classes in one of the best universities in this country, to meet many people from different cultures and to live so many experiences inside and outside the campus has been extremely valuable and enriching for my personal and professional formation» – Nicolas Penagos, University of Turku – Finland (2022)

Best universities to study industrial engineering in the world

The Master’s Degree aims to train professionals and researchers in the field of electronic engineering, focusing on both industrial applications and those oriented towards information and communication technologies. For this purpose, it has a highly qualified teaching team with the participation of professionals and guest researchers of recognized national and international prestige.

Industrial engineers, telecommunications engineers, computer science graduates and engineers, electronics engineers, automation and industrial electronics engineers, industrial and telecommunications technical engineers, and professionals working in the field of electronic engineering.

Analog Devices offers a job to an electronic engineer wishing to work in vital sign monitoring systems. The engineer will be knowledgable on ADI’s Power management and low power microcontroller solutions. He/she will lead the design and simulation of reference designs and/or complete solutions.

Best engineering universities in Latin America

The Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (Valparaíso, Chile), is a highly accredited institution in Research and Higher Studies in Basic and Technical Sciences. In order to contribute to the high-level training of Ibero-American researchers and professors, together with the Ibero-American University Association for Postgraduate Studies (AUIP), it is launching this grant program for the training of PhDs.

You can find the application instructions in the link below. In order to facilitate participation at the international level, the Schools will organize communication courses for the candidates and English improvement courses for those who pass to the final phase. Please spread this message as widely as possible among all PhD students.

The University of Granada is offering their PhD students the chance to take part in the Three-minute thesis international competition in collaboration with University members of the Coimbra Group. For more information about the history and procedures for the competition see This link…