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The International Relations Service (SRI) leads the internationalization of Loyola University through the development of mobility programs for students and staff, the promotion of international cooperation and research networks, as well as the implementation of agreements and the organization of international activities.

Internationalization is consubstantial to the identity of the University. Because, in addition to improving the quality of teaching and research, it means more and better employment opportunities for our graduates, and facilitates the acquisition of intercultural values that contribute to their personal development.

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In Foreign Trade and International Business they study the political and economic context in which national companies develop their commercial activities with the exterior. A student in this career must have leadership skills, creativity, good interpersonal relations and willingness to work in a team. In addition to analytical aptitude and preparation in social sciences, mathematics and languages. If you have already made the decision to study an undergraduate degree in Foreign Trade and International Business in Colombia, here we will detail the different options offered by some universities in Bogota, in undergraduate programs and specializations. Undergraduate Programs An undergraduate program in Foreign Trade and International Business lasts between 8 to 10 academic semesters, depending on the university you choose. Undergraduate programs in International Business in Bogota:

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(E-6 Analytics)Double Degree in Business Analysis/Business Analytics and International RelationsConsult here all the information about the development of the teaching activity in the current academic year 2021-2022.

Executive and management positions in companies Business Analyst, strategic consultant, advisor Project manager, product manager Executive and management positions in senior state administration bodies

Participate in Informative Sessions and Conferences. This step is not essential, but prospective candidates are encouraged to learn more about the programs, learn about the curricula, ask questions and gather additional information.Apply for admission. The process is initiated via the web, once the decision has been made as to the degree program to which the applicant wishes to apply. If necessary, you can apply for scholarships and grants at the same time you apply for admission.

Formalize enrollment. Once admitted, the student must formalize the enrollment. The process is initiated via the web, but it is necessary to submit the registration form and additional documentation to the General Secretary’s Office before the end of June.

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Leadership for Life – Innovation – Entrepreneurship – Transformation – Inspiration – Positive Impact – Sustainable Development – Leadership for Life – Innovation – Entrepreneurship – Transformation – Inspiration – Positive Impact – Sustainable Development

Select an option in the 3 fields to see the result: I am interested in: I am interested in: Developing new skills Broadening, deepening my knowledge Updating my knowledge in a specific topic Starting my professional training I am looking for: I am looking for: Full-time program Part-time program On-site program Online program Focused on: With focus on: Strategy and Entrepreneurship Finance Management Leadership Marketing Organizations Sustainability Supply chain & technology

Race to ImagineInitiative that seeks students to propose innovative ideas from their knowledge and skills to help the organization, and thus build sustainable paths in this new normal.

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