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The main activity of business schools is executive education. This is providing training programs that increase the value of professionals in the workplace rather than providing academic degrees.

Considering the high cost of a master’s degree, not only in terms of fees and living, but also in terms of lost income during the time of study, why should anyone stop working and study for an MBA?

There are many excellent business schools in Latin America, but the two I should mention are EGADE at Tecnológico de Monterrey and INCAE in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. I think EGADE is very interesting in North America for many people because of its dual MBA program with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

The other thing an MBA can do is allow people to transition. You know they may have started in accounting, and now they want to go into finance, or they started in operations and now they want to go into marketing. An MBA at a great business school really allows you to make these big transitions in an efficient and safe way.


The Dual Degree in Business Administration and Management and Law will provide you with a comprehensive training in both legal and economic profiles. You will learn to identify and anticipate opportunities for the development of legal and business activities, to manage, organize and direct a company or organization, to make decisions under conditions of uncertainty. You will also be prepared to manage innovation and apply different managerial skills, as well as the exercise of professional activities in the legal field.

With the double degree you will obtain a more qualified vision, with a greater critical capacity. This double degree will enable you to face specific tasks in companies and organizations, adapting to complex and changing legal, economic, socio-political and technological environments, both nationally and internationally.

If you are a person interested in the business world and the economic, social and political reality, with an entrepreneurial spirit, curious and dynamic, who likes to work in a team, with analytical, reflective, synthesis and critical capacity, as well as with social sensitivity, argumentative capacity and vocation to participate in the resolution of conflictive situations, your best option is the Double Degree in Business Administration and Management and Law.

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The program is coordinated by the University Institute of European Studies at CEU San Pablo University, a research center chaired by Marcelino Oreja and designated Jean Monnet Center of Excellence by the European Commission.

The variety of subjects will allow you to gain a greater knowledge and understanding of the political, economic, legal and cultural relations of our time, from a multidisciplinary perspective.

You will incorporate aspects of social and cultural reality such as the interrelation of religions and cultures with the development of international society, the interaction between the media and international actors, the interpretation of war, actors and factors involved in war processes. It will allow you to value the importance of history for the understanding of the current reality, such as the process of European integration and the policies of the Union.

You will be able to formulate judgments that include reflections on social and ethical responsibilities by integrating knowledge on relevant international issues today, identifying the challenges and limitations of contemporary international society.

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