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The team on cetaceans coordinated by Aguilar has several lines of research. One is tagging cetaceans with devices attached to the animals with suction cups, which make it possible to record parameters such as depth, movement in the three axes and sound, and thus learn about their diving profiles, vocalizations, how the animals relate and communicate, and their feeding behavior.

“With these tags we can intensively study their behavior in great detail, as well as sound, which is paramount,” explains the researcher. “For cetaceans, especially odontocetes (cetaceans with teeth, which are hunters rather than filterers like baleen whales), sound is extremely important, because they use it for communication, socialization and courtship purposes. But also for feeding purposes by eco-localization. This has given them a tremendous evolutionary advantage, because it allows them to hunt in the total darkness of deep waters, and to detect prey at a distance before they detect their hunter. With sound we know when and where cetaceans are searching for prey with sound clicks, and when capture attempts are taking place, indicated by buzzing sounds; this provides a tremendous amount of data to study their feeding ecology.”

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Presented by: Ricardo Gómez Lozano, CONANP 1980 decree as a Refuge Zone for the Protection of the Marine Flora and Fauna of the West Coast of Cozumel Island (Paper Park). July 19, 1996 Decree

Week 19 to April 24, 2010 Course: Conservation Biology Management I Topic 4: Biodiversity Distribution Patterns UCI ELAP BIODIVERSITY ATTRIBUTES UNIVERSITY FOR COOPERATION

Underwater caves Although underwater caves are not the dominant environments in the marine benthos, they are of great interest because of the communities that develop and the processes that take place.

VI. MARITIME ROUTES. When fishing, ships use a series of routes, which have become increasingly important as the number of ships traveling along them has increased. Here is one

An abundant number A number for which the sum of all its proper factors is greater than the number itself. For example, 24 is an abundant number because its proper factors, 1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 12, add

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Our graduates will have a solid background in the different branches of biology, competencies to do scientific research, complex thinking, ethical commitment and the tools to work on various biological and scientific problems. These are some of the areas in which our graduates can develop:

At the end of the degree you will be able to choose from four minor areas (each made up of five subjects) that will give you a differential graduate profile. Or if you prefer, you can select courses from other careers and train professionally in interdisciplinary areas of your particular interest.

In #BiologyUR our professors and students work together to investigate all levels of life: cells, individuals, populations and ecosystems. We are interested in understanding how these levels evolve and change, especially in the context of current global changes.

We study how animals acquire, store, process and use information to make decisions and the consequences of those decisions, especially in insects. We use tools from neuropharmacology, sensory allometry, bioinformatics and biophysics.

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Support young people in their advanced education or vocational development by providing scholarships, English classes, vocational training and life skills seminars to ensure that young people are productive, conscientious and educated members of our community.

Leadership ProgramOffers a comprehensive support system to all of its students. Scholarships are awarded after an annual recruitment process. All students must meet the selection criteria.

Conservation and Marine Biology ProgramProgram specifically focused on students seeking to study Marine Biology or Environmental Sciences at UABCS University in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Hospitality ProgramTraining incorporates a comprehensive approach to professional development including: life skills, hospitality basics, English language and core values.