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Our academics are internationally recognized and have a great track record. Many of them have doctorates from the best universities in the world and have worked in the best companies in the country. This allows us to deliver a practical and real-world approach to students.

The central objective of the course is to develop understanding and mastery of the basic concepts of microeconomic theory, with emphasis on mathematical tools and techniques. To this end, its content will focus on the definition and use of concepts, as well as on the algebraic operations involved in the theoretical and applied development of microeconomics. Students will understand how markets function under competitive conditions, relate the functioning of competitive markets to efficiency in the allocation of resources, and understand some forms of intervention in competitive markets.

The objective of the course is to provide a series of mathematical tools aimed at promoting knowledge and understanding of economics. The student will learn to interact with the available data and what can be deduced from them, justifying it appropriately, to present and describe the information in an adequate way and, finally, to know how to obtain conclusions about populations based only on the information obtained from the samples.

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Each family is evaluated on the basis of financial aid need after completing the FAFSA. Academic scholarships are available for U.S. students enrolled full-time and for international students with 3.0 or higher on a cumulative score of their normal grade (minimum SAT/ACT scores may apply).

INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION The University of Tampa is committed to educating and preparing students for the demands of the 21st century (21). There is a diversity of students (representing all 50 states and 140 countries) which creates a dynamic environment in which to live and learn. Language study, study abroad, international guest lectures, global content courses, participation in the Harvard Model United Nations, and simulations in international content courses are just a few of the many ways that will connect you with people from around the world and from other cultures.

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This Master in Political Science: Political Scientist offers a specialized training in the subject. We must know that the importance of political science is based on the attempt it manifests to know phenomena related to authority within society. Political science today is developed as an autonomous discipline, as a discourse with its own references and common places, hence the importance of training in this branch.

This academic program allows students of this science to develop their knowledge and to train themselves for the development of their career in the national and international political context, focusing on the study of some areas such as those listed below:

Upon successful completion of the academic program presented in these masters with university degree, students will be able to develop a professional career in the field of Politics and Coaching, both nationally and internationally.

Contact us and ask for more information about our masters and how they can help you boost your professional career. Discover why more and more students, both national and international, choose our center to update their studies in a science that has a great impact on the daily lives of all people.

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