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See residencesReservations for daysWe have extensive experience in managing group reservations (from 10 people) for sports teams, summer courses, conferences, congresses, cultural meetings, etc.. We have rooms for groups and groups, as well as holders of international student card, REAJ card and similar, with all the comforts and at the best price.

We take care of security and maintenance throughout the residence, including your room. So that nothing fails. We can even receive your packages, clean your room for you, or do your laundry. Talk to your director, their job is to get to know you and help you.

Our residences have study rooms, lounges and TV, gym, laundry, parking, cafeteria/vending and a lot of spaces and services designed to make your life easier and for you to concentrate on what’s most important. Because there is also a world outside your room, and a lot of new friends to share it with.

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Studying in Madrid will undoubtedly be an experience you will never forget. The Erasmo Residence Hall is a perfect option if you are looking for accommodation on the university campus, with the best atmosphere to study and where you can make new friends.

The location of the Erasmo Residence is perfect to make the most of living in one of the largest university campuses in Madrid. Cantoblanco has numerous cultural activities, sports facilities, etc. and a career offer that makes the Universidad Autónoma one of the 200 best in the world.

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The EFICAMPUS project: Solar Self-consumption and Energy Efficiency in University Buildings with Photovoltaic Panels, developed within the call for grants for innovation and sustainability projects “Objetivo Campus Sostenibles” has been awarded as the best project in the category “Economic Growth”. Thanks to this, the Escuela Politécnica Superior de Ávila, receives …

The conference on climate change COP26 will be held during October 31 and November 12 in which leaders from around the world will come together to discuss ways to combat the effects of climate change. Different activities will take place during this day. Because education has a vital role to play in the …

Doctor from the University of Salamanca (2012). He is Professor of the University in the Department of Cartographic and Terrain Engineering of the Higher Polytechnic School of Ávila in the Degree of Mining and Energy Technology Engineering. He is currently directing several doctoral theses in the energy field within the Doctoral program “Geotechnologies applied to Construction, Energy and Industry”. Thanks to this, in recent years, he highlights his development in the field of research with numerous scientific publications.

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Madrid is a great city, where there is never a dull moment and there is always something to do. Go out, eat, shop, go to a new movie premiere, go to a concert or visit a gallery or museum. With so much going on around you, in a new and sometimes overwhelming city, it is important to have your own space to relax, study and have the opportunity to meet people with the same hobbies and interests. Our residences are the ideal place to feel at home and live the best university experience possible.

The Emilia Pardo Bazán Student Residence is tailor-made to meet all your needs and will make your experience unforgettable. Our residence offers modern rooms, private or shared, in brand new facilities with excellent services and great outdoor areas.

The Galdós Student Residence is located in the heart of Ciudad Universitaria in Madrid. A benchmark in student accommodation in Madrid, with an all-inclusive service to enjoy full board catering, cleaning, bed linen and towels, high speed internet access, etc.