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The first season (2016) was integrated with only four teams, all from Mexico City and playing in the same stadium. The LFA has only one category, so there is no promotion or relegation. Currently, the LFA consists of 12 established franchises (of which 4 are resting): 3 in Mexico City, 1 in Naucalpan de Juárez, 1 in Querétaro, 1 in Guadalajara, 1 in Tijuana, 1 in Saltillo, 1 in Toluca, 1 in Puebla, 1 in Ciudad Juárez and 1 in Monterrey. [1] It is divided into two conferences: the North conference and the Central conference.

The regular season consists of a ten-week schedule, consisting of six games against rivals from the same division, as well as four interconference duels. It begins the first week of February and continues through mid-April. At the end, four teams, the top two from the northern conference and the top two from the central conference of each conference compete in the conference finals, where the winners of each conference go directly to the most important game of the season, known as the Mexico Bowl.

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With this team, two official sub-championships were achieved, the first one in the 75/76 season in the final played against América and the 76/77 season, which was also lost but this time against the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México by the minimum difference with a goal scored by Ebanivaldo Castro Cabinho.

Undoubtedly, it was the splendor of the Leones Negros, it was the show team of national football, its attendance records in all stadiums were at full capacity. They were full everywhere and became one of the main attractions of that sport in the country. They displaced traditional teams such as Atlas, Necaxa, Atlante, Oro and at a certain time even the Chivas of Guadalajara.

With the arrival of Félix Flores Gómez to the presidency of the Commission, the recruitment policy was modified and a development plan was implemented, based on the training of one hundred percent university players. The best players in the history of soccer at the U. de G. emerged from this project.

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We organize internal competitions and participate in inter-university competitions in Madrid and nationally, which is a great success, since in our University one out of every three students plays sports.

Currently: Athlete sponsored by Master team, Athlete sponsored by Mizuno, Athlete sponsored by Meindl, Athlete sponsored by Ortovox, Athlete sponsored by Deuter, Athlete sponsored by Gsi outdoor, Athlete sponsored by Suunto and Athlete sponsored by Sigg.

He currently combines his teaching activity as a Physical Education Teacher with that of Municipal Sports Coordinator, Osteopathy treatments and his training in the Women’s Volleyball Team of the CEU San Pablo University.

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On April 6, 2013, the first official international university game was played, where the Swedish national team played against the United Kingdom. The game was played as a test for the first edition of WUC Football, where 600 people attended. The English team won 41-21, giving a prosperous start to the competition.

For three consecutive editions, the Mexican team has been crowned in the World University Football Championship. Likewise, they have been undefeated in the three tournaments they have participated in. South Korea, China, Japan, Sweden, Finland and the United States have lost to the Aztec squad.

In 2016 they hosted the II edition of the tournament, where they were measured for the first time against the United States, who were the favorites to win, the Stars and Stripes team started winning the match 7-0, however the Mexicans prevailed with a resounding victory of 35-7 where the United States gave no answer. In this way Mexico became the first two-time champion of the tournament and the first host champion.