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The Digital Arts Engineer is a competent professional in problem solving, creation, production, programming, and project management of multimedia applications, animations, visual effects and video games, with solid knowledge bases in engineering, arts and technology.  The Engineer has the strengths in the above areas to master the technologies that are at the forefront to manage articulated projects and systematic and strategic processes.

Engineering in Audio What it is

The Department of Engineering has the academic programs of Civil Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Industrial and Management Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, In addition, it has six associate degrees in the Institute of Engineering Technology in different branches, some leading to baccalaureate degrees in engineering.

The Department of Engineering offers fourteen programs, ranging from associate degrees to master’s degrees and graduate certificates.    Some of the programs offered are Associate Degree in Aviation Science in Professional Pilot Technology, Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and Master of Engineering Management, among others.

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Then get ready to learn more about this professional career, because in this post we will tell you all about it.    We will talk about the functions of a sound engineer, considerations to take into account to study the career. Also, you will know the salary of a professional graduate in sound engineering, the labor field, the advantages of studying this career and much more Read on!

The undergraduate degree in sound engineering offers knowledge about advanced recording and mixing techniques. As well as the use of modern and specialized equipment for interconnection with analog and digital platforms. All this with the aim of creating a pleasant sound environment in concerts, radio broadcasts or podcasts.

Sound engineering is the branch that specializes in the study of the parameters related to sound waves. This involves obtaining the knowledge to configure reproduction systems effectively, operate them correctly and apply them to the musical, post-production and sound reinforcement fields.

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Here we show you all the information you need to know about this profession and the steps you must follow to become a Sound Engineer, and even what you can achieve once you get the degree.

Sound Engineering is a profession that applies all the basic knowledge of physics and mathematics to audio production, combining techniques from other disciplines such as computer science, electronics, and even music grammar.

This career is characterized by being the most artistic of engineering, since in addition to all the scientific and technical knowledge necessary for the installation, operation and maintenance of sound equipment, sound engineers usually dominate several musical instruments to adapt the sound to the appropriate spaces

But in addition to the cost of tuition is important to consider spending on materials such as books, guides, computers, sound equipment, which can make the annual cost increases to $ 800.000.

Currently our country has only 5 universities that offer the career of Sound Engineering, however all of them are characterized by offering very good opportunities for their students and graduates.