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Anatomical variations of the cecal appendix in tomography, a retrospective studyRevista Ciencias Biomédicas, 2021Introduction: the cause of abdominal pain mostly related to surgery is appendicitis; its diagnosis is affected by anatomical variations of the vermiform appendix…. more Introduction: the most common cause of abdominal pain related to surgery is appendicitis; its diagnosis is affected by the anatomical variations of the vermiform appendix, since it is the abdominal organ with the greatest variations in terms of its position and relationship with other organs.  Objective: to determine the characteristics of the normal cecal appendix on CT scans, including length, diameter, wall thickness, and location of the appendiceal base and tip.  Methods: Abdominal CT scans were studied with images from the UroCT scanning protocol to identify the location of the base and tip, and to measure length, width, and diameter of the cecal appendix. Tip location was categorized as anterior or posterior and subdivided into pelvic, retrocecal/retrocolic, posttileal, paracolic, subcecal, subhepatic, or midline. The location of the appendicular base was defined in three planes…Save to LibraryDownload PDFEditCompare Citation Rank Readers Related Papers MentionsView Impact

Francisco de Vitora University

The degree of Medicine of the UB (campus Clínic) is the best positioned. It is in fourth position with a cut-off mark of 13.240. After it, comes the one also offered by the UB, but on the Bellvitge campus (in 6th position with 13.086), followed (from 7th to 10th position) by the one offered at the UPF (13.080), UAB (12.895), URV (12.862), and UdG (12.848).

“With less preparation you get a better grade,” explained Pol Castellnou, manager of the Formació Miró academy, to La Vanguardia in June. “With this model, students can give up those subjects they are worse at, and they can automatically choose four of the six questions they do know.” In 2021, failures in the entrance exam fell by about 25% compared to 2015 and there was almost a threefold increase in the number of A’s. There were, in addition, some 31,000 more passes.

In the first allocation of places, 80.87% of future university students have already been assigned a study center (79.46% in 2021). Of these, 60.23% will be able to study the university degree in the center of their first choice (58.11% in 2021).

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With this degree, you will learn to develop and implement new equipment, devices, products, computer systems and software for the development of innovative techniques for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

The legitimacy of the treatment is the consent of the person concerned by checking the boxes provided for this purpose. If you provide data of third parties through this form, we inform you that you are obliged to inform the interested party about the content of this clause. The applicant is informed that he/she cannot provide information that identifies third parties without obtaining their prior consent.

I accept and authorize that my data be processed by the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, for the purposes indicated above and to send me, by any means, including electronic means (including, but not limited to, SMS, Whatsapp, email and social networks), information about any current or future course or program of the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, open days, orientation workshops and information sessions, as well as reminders of the same.

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University rankings are ordered lists that classify higher education and research institutions by bibliometric, economic, social, transparency, other criteria, or combinations of the above.

Along with this general classification, in the specific ranking by subject ARWU-FIELD – Fields of Knowledge, the University of Valladolid stands out in a total of 4 specific fields of Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Biological Sciences and Engineering.

This excellent result published in May 2021 also ranks the University of Valladolid as the most transparent university at the national level, improving on the second place achieved in January 2019 when it received the rating of 90.15% transparency points by Dyntra.

The University of Valladolid maintains its presence in the 2022 edition of the NTU ranking thanks to the result obtained in Agricultural Sciences. These results, however, do not allow it to appear in the world list of the ranking that has selected 1,016 universities. At the national level, 31 universities have been included in this edition. The Agricultural Sciences score improves slightly to 279 points.