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We train professionals through simulated clinical cases that confront you with real situations from the first course, safe simulation environments such as our Simulated Hospital, Simulated Community Pharmacy Office and virtual reality laboratory.

Complete planning: you will have all the organization of your studies at your disposal from the beginning. Live virtual classes, adapted to your working hours. They will be recorded in case you could not attend or you want to watch them again. Intuitive and dynamic virtual campus, you can access from any device.

We also train you in the research and marketing of drugs and medical devices. After completing the degree in Pharmacy, it is time to make the decision and enter the working world. Where can I work? You will be qualified to work in the main areas of activity related to pharmaceutical products, i.e. research and development, production and quality control, marketing, pharmaceutical care and management:

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Born in Kent in 1943, he received his PhD in biology from Cambridge University in 1969. He began his studies on the genes that regulate cell growth, discovering in 1979 the phosphorylation of tyrosine kinases, a discovery that will open the doors to the investigation of this enzyme and its role in the development and growth of cancer-causing cells. Knowledge of tyrosine kinase has been a determining factor in the development of a new generation of drugs for the treatment of cancer.

He has been awarded together with Charles Sawyers and Joseph Schlessinger with the BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award 2014 in the category of Biomedicine for «walking the path that has led to the development of a new class of effective drugs against cancer».

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Ludovic Coupaye estudió las artes oceánicas y africanas en la Escuela del Louvre antes de formarse en arqueología en París-I. Después eligió estudiar en Inglaterra en la Unidad de Investigación Sainsbury para las Artes de

Ludovic Coupaye ha realizado sus estudios sobre las artes de Oceanía y África en la Escuela del Louvre, antes de seguir una formación arqueológica en la Universidad de París-I. Posteriormente, escoge el exilio en Inglaterra, en la Sainsbury Research Unit for the Arts of

como la arqueología, la sociología, la economía política del turismo y de los recursos naturales, la biología, las ciencias medioambientales, etc. Se dedicó media jornada en especial al Sáhara Occidental.

State College se han asociado con innumerables organismos locales gubernamentales y no gubernamentales para crear el programa DREAM (Directing Through Recreation, Education, Adventure, and Mentoring ), que proporciona mentores a largo plazo a los niños de los barrios de bajos ingresos.

Ha sido presidente del Consejo Sueco de Investigación sobre el Medio Ambiente, las Ciencias Agrícolas y la Ordenación del Territorio (Formas) y miembro visitante del Centro Tyndall para la Investigación del Cambio Climático, UEA, Norwich.

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