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Due to the breadth of theoretical and practical knowledge required in the practice of Genetics, an undergraduate training system such as this one offered by the Faculty of Medicine of the USP-CEU is increasingly necessary.

The Degree in Genetics at the CEU San Pablo University offers very current contents, due to the scientific knowledge in continuous evolution and its professional opportunities. The curriculum is striking as it harmonizes basic knowledge and practical applications.

In full expansion, with many applications and professional opportunities in the bio-health field, Genetics is today essential in the diagnosis, counseling and even therapy in many human diseases and disorders. The role of the “genetic fingerprint” in criminalistics and, in a broader context, in the study of populations and human evolution, escapes no one.

The degree in Genetics has an impact on the development of a series of competencies on the part of our students that are crucial for their effective development in their professional careers. Aware of their importance, at our University we make a notable and recognized effort to achieve them.

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With this degree, you will learn to develop and implement new equipment, devices, products, computer systems and software for the development of innovative techniques for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

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La beca internacional LiU está destinada a apoyar a los estudiantes internacionales de máster con un importante potencial académico que deben pagar las tasas de matrícula. Las tasas de matrícula del estudiante becado se reducen normalmente en un 50%. Ofrecemos un número limitado de estas becas a los nuevos estudiantes.

Estamos muy bien clasificados: La LiU ha sido nombrada como una de las 200 mejores universidades del mundo en educación, ciencia de los materiales, sociología e ingeniería eléctrica y electrónica, según el QS World University Rankings by Subject de este año.

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The degree in Industrial Technologies Engineering provides knowledge of all industrial technologies, with a multidisciplinary and integrative vision of industrial engineering. You will be trained in basic scientific and technological subjects that will enable you to learn new methods and theories, and you will know in depth the operation of all industrial fields, from the most technological to the most business-oriented – with training in planning, management and project management – without forgetting the social and environmental needs. These studies will provide you with great versatility to adapt to new situations and assimilate future technological advances that industry will have to incorporate to improve its products and processes.

This degree is taught within the framework of a Successive Academic Program (PARS) of Industrial Engineering. Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Technologies Engineering + Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering.