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Given the interdisciplinary nature of this degree, any graduate, diploma or degree holder interested in occupational risk prevention may apply for admission and, where appropriate, enroll.

Thus, after completing the Master’s Degree, students will be qualified to practice the profession of Senior Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention in the three specialties that comprise it: occupational safety, industrial hygiene and ergonomics and applied psychosociology.

In addition, students will be able to carry out studies on working conditions, risks to the health and welfare of workers and the effectiveness of interventions in the field of occupational risk prevention. All this also allows to integrate in the professional activity of students, responsibility and ethical sense for the application and defense of fundamental rights, promoting equal opportunities, non-discrimination and democratic values.

CG1. That students are able to develop the necessary knowledge to understand the complexity, interrelationships and dynamics of the preventive action of occupational hazards in companies.

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The program included a stay in a typical Bavarian hotel, attendance at the German presentation of Vacheron Constantin’s watchmaking novelties at the SIHH 2006 and an exclusive ride through the beautiful landscapes of the Alps aboard some of the most famous Vacheron Constantin watches in the world.

Email: ecent research carried out by Aston University in the United Kingdom, with UNESCO funding, shows that the World Wide Web is fracturing into language communities and examines whether the WWW is a medium which is encouraging language diversity at all levels.

Information structures make it possible to carry out preventive activities in relation to this epidemic by improving access to information and raising awareness among young people, particularly adolescent girls, of the potential risks and how to achieve a because in the African and Asian areas selected for the project, few minority language speakers were found to have a computer.

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Si eres de los que creen que nunca hay que dejar de aprender, regístrate en Becas Santander y tendrás acceso a más de 10.000 audiolibros, eBooks, podcasts, vídeos, cursos y mucho más.

Si quieres pasar tres semanas en un campus universitario británico este verano, Banco Santander, en colaboración con el British Council, ofrece 100 becas para aprender inglés mientras disfrutas de una experiencia única de inmersión lingüística y cultural. ¡Vuelos y alojamiento incluidos!

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The x-axis of the beam (the one that passes through the centers of gravity of all cross sections), once deformed, is called the elastic line. Now we have to calculate its equation: y = y(x). This equation governs the elastic curve. The product EI is known as the flexural stiffness and if it varies along the beam, as in the case of a variable section beam, it must be expressed as a function of x before integrating the equation. However for a prismatic beam the flexural stiffness is constant, integrating: First Integral to calculate the angle or slope of the tangent line to the elastic curve (1):

The constants C1 and C2 are determined from the boundary conditions, i.e. the conditions imposed on the beam by its supports. For three types of beams, simply supported beam, beam with a cantilever span and cantilever beam (Figure 5).