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cursan el grado de Dirección de Empresas-BBA, la licenciatura en Administración y Dirección de Empresas, el Máster en Dirección de Empresas, el “Master of Science”, el “Master pf Research in Management Sciences” y el “Master PhD in Management”.

Este nuevo centro acogerá a 1.500 estudiantes de las siguientes titulaciones: Bachelor of Business Administration-BBA, Master of Business Administration, el “Master of Science”, el “Master of Research in Management Sciences” y el “Master PhD in Management Sciences”.

Bilingüe e Internacional: La perspectiva global del programa queda patente en el contenido de su plan de estudios, los dos idiomas extranjeros exigidos, el gran número de clases impartidas en inglés, el programa de intercambio internacional, el contacto directo con alumnos de otros países que estudian en ESADE o participan en un programa de intercambio, la posibilidad de realizar prácticas en empresas de todo el mundo, la opción de cursar uno de los MSc Programmes in Management de ESADE impartidos íntegramente en inglés y la posibilidad de participar en dobles titulaciones.

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Until 2004, students had to pass an exam to enter secondary school (scuola secondaria di primo grado), which involved writing a short essay in Italian, a written test in mathematics and an oral test on the other subjects. The exam was discontinued and students can now enter secondary school directly.

There are three types of secondary school, further divided into higher specialization. In each of them subjects are taught, such as Italian, English, mathematics, history, but most subjects are peculiar to a particular type of course (i.e. ancient Greek in the Liceo Classico, business economics in the Istituto tecnico-economico or scenography in the Liceo Artistico):

In addition, some schools have special options

University of Italy

Academic credits for regular students of the University of Chile (SCT-Chile) are different from those granted to international students. The transfer, calculation of equivalency and recognition of academic credits is the exclusive responsibility of each international student with his/her home university.

The Latin American Reference Credit (CLAR) is conceived as a unit of value that estimates the volume of work, measured in hours, required by a student to achieve learning results and pass a course or academic period. CLAR considers an annual workload for full-time students equivalent to 60 credits, 24 hours of work per CLAR credit.

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HEC Lausanne (Ecole des hautes études commerciales or Faculté des hautes études commerciales in French), is the business school affiliated with the University of Lausanne. UNIL offers different degree programs, which are integrated into the Bologna System: among them: two Bachelor of Science programs, six Master of Science programs and a variety of MBA and post-doctoral programs.

Customized programs – The Executive Education platform also offers companies, organizations, associations and other groups to create and tailor customized training for their needs.

Since 2005 HEC Lausanne has been part of the Bologna Process with the aim of being part of the European Higher Education Area by working with academic degree standards and ensuring the highest quality standards comparable and compatible with all of Europe.

True to its international vocation, the faculty has established in addition to the international agreements of the University of Lausanne, a network of preferential collaborations with many partners. Between faculty agreements, the Socrates-Erasmus agreement, bilateral agreements and mobility programs in Switzerland, HEC Lausanne has more than 100 partner universities.