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The Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics trains you to work as a nutritionist and dietitian, a profile that is increasingly in demand due to the growing awareness of the influence of food on health.

Train with the Vithas Foundation as a professional in the aesthetic field, with solid theoretical knowledge and mastery of skills and abilities necessary for the effective development of daily clinical activity.

The Degree in Nursing will train you for a profession with a clear inclination towards service to others, and you will be able to identify, assess and act to respond to the health and care needs of people.

Prepare yourself to work in SAMUR, SUMMA, UMAER or UME with this Master’s Degree accredited by the Community of Madrid; an essential requirement to be able to work in out-of-hospital care in the Community of Madrid.

The double degree in Pharmacy + Human Nutrition and Dietetics qualifies you for professional practice in the field of pharmaceuticals with the ability to improve the health of people through food.

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as; Diploma in Computer Studies for Management, Bachelor of Marine Science, Degrees in Classical Philology and French, the second stage of Economics and Business Studies (which contributed greatly to the rise in students registered in this branch) and Technical Engineering in Public Works; were

This includes, in particular, the provision of aid to the Islamic University – the most affected in Gaza – to enable this institution to carry out, albeit late, the end-of-year exams for the first and second years of the academic year.

Bull’s offer in the IT engineering sector (development and integration of various applications, IT architecture engineering, etc.) is concentrated in the Integris division.

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3) Part-time enrollment: Part-time enrollment means enrolling between 12 and 42 ECTS in each course. The Master is designed to be combined with work or internships. 4) Access in the 2nd semester: If there are still places available.

The objective of the master’s degree is to train postgraduates in advanced mechanical engineering, with competences in all the subjects included in the field of the corresponding degree. With regard to the achievements and skills related to the qualifications to be acquired by the students, this master’s degree proposal assumes the Dublin Descriptors as its own.

The structure of the master’s degree itself will make students capable of organizing and planning their studies. In the same way, the participation of students in both lectures and practicals will allow them to develop a capacity to acquire knowledge and process technical and scientific information.

Within the 18 credits of elective subjects, the recognition of extracurricular external internships (up to 9 ECTS) is included. The recognition of work experience (up to 9 ECTS) is in process, if it is in accordance with the contents of the master’s degree. Students are free to configure their electives, so it is not mandatory to take the two electives of a subject.

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Las tareas de este curso se centrarán principalmente en tres ejemplos de realidades multiculturales actuales: – El género narrativo neoesclavo afroamericano en el cine, la música, la fotografía, los museos, las artes visuales y la literatura;

– ¿Qué es el multiculturalismo? La literatura americana y los artistas/escritores multiculturales. Selección de lecturas teóricas. Debate en clase: Multiculturalismo e interseccionalidad. Charla Ted sobre “Interseccionalidad”. (1 semana)El multiculturalismo y la narrativa neoesclavista. Visión general de la institución de la esclavitud y de las narrativas esclavistas. Selección de capítulos de Harriet Ann Jacobs, Incidentes y Frederick Douglass, Narrativa. “This is America” (2018) de Childish Gambino.La narrativa neoesclavista: películas, ficción, arte visual. Nona Faustine (fotografía). Dread Scott (performance, instalaciones). “Everyday Use” (1973) de Alice Walker (relato corto). Dos vídeos musicales

Esclavitud, memoria, recuerdo y su representación (museos, archivos, monumentos, memoriales, etc.). Lucille Clifton, selección de poemas. Between the World and Me (2015) de Ta Neishi Coates (relato-ensayo personal, selección de textos). Selección de artes visuales afroamericanas y objetos cotidianos. Un matrimonio americano (2018) de Tayari Jones (novela). Presentaciones orales individuales de la obra de un artista afroamericano.