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Our academics are internationally recognized and of great trajectory. Many of them have doctorates from the best universities in the world and have worked in the best companies in the country. This allows us to deliver a practical and real approach to students.

The Master in Economics at FEN equipped me with a wide arsenal of technical tools that allowed me to develop a deep academic rigor. The excellent preparation in microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics offered by the Master’s program has helped me to continue developing my professional career in academia”.

The main objective is to provide the basic knowledge used in modern microeconomic theory and game theory. For this, students will be familiarized with the mathematical tools used in economics and the uses of these tools in economic modeling. At the end of the course they will have acquired a working knowledge of modern microeconomic theory, developed the ability to model and formally analyze economic issues, become familiar with the use of theoretical tools in empirical work and, finally, equipped with basic knowledge to understand and discuss the literature in game theory.

An immigrant can study college in the U.S.

The main success of the PhD in Management is its graduates. Several alumni have published articles derived from their doctoral theses in ISI indexed journals (cited in the Science Citation Index). It should also be noted that to date all graduates of the program are working as regular professors in leading institutions of higher education in Chile and abroad.

We invite you to get to know our doctoral program, a rigorous program of academic excellence that prepares you for the development of high-level research and teaching required by the modern academic world.

The objective of the program is to train autonomous researchers of excellence, capable of identifying, analyzing and solving complex problems in the field of management, in order to provide knowledge that will enhance the development of competitive and innovative companies.

Courses for undocumented immigrants in the united states

If you are thinking of studying your master’s degree or doctorate abroad, apply for a CONACYT scholarship. In this text we explain how this type of scholarship works, what are its requirements, how to apply for this scholarship and the dates when you can do it.

The benefit of this scholarship consists in the granting of medical insurance and a monthly financial support for maintenance, the amount of which depends on the marital status of the scholarship holder and the place where the postgraduate program is carried out.

As mentioned above, this type of scholarship has several sub-programs and each one of them establishes its specific requirements, here are the general requirements to apply for this type of scholarship:

Now that you know all the details of this scholarship program to study abroad, do not hesitate to apply in the next call. Take the first step towards a quality education in the country of your choice.

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The Financial Aid Office is committed to contribute to the achievement of the academic and professional goals of the students of the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao by providing financial support within available resources. The funds we administer in the Financial Aid Office come from federal, state institutional and private sources. Assistance is offered through scholarships, student loans and the Work-Study program. With this student support exercise, we seek to meet the student’s financial need within the available resources, the student’s willingness to apply for services, and the adjustment of the new financial aid mechanisms that are developed.

Provide the necessary services so that the students of the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao receive the financial aid applicable to their needs and that affirms their academic persistence. Serve as support in the application, processing and receipt of federal, state and institutional aid following the applicable regulations for each one of them.