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Boston University, an urban university located in the heart of downtown Boston on the banks of the Charles River, offers the opportunity to choose from more than 550 prestigious specialized courses during the summer. American and international students who attend Boston University’s summer sessions earn credits and a certificate of completion.

During the summer months, Boston is a very dynamic city, with a very pleasant summer temperature and a great atmosphere to enjoy the city. In addition, during the month of August, Boston University organizes the “Summerfest”. Boston University is located on the banks of the Charles River and on Commonwealth Avenue, near Bacon Street, Common Garden and the historic and financial center of the city, making it an ideal university to study in the United States during the summer. Boston Unviersity Summer Session offers 6-week courses. See Study Center information

Students taking only one course at the university enter the country as tourists and live in a shared apartment in the heart of the city, just a few minutes from the campus. Those taking two courses must obtain a student visa and begin applying for it two months prior to the start date of the course. Students enrolled in two courses live on campus or in a shared apartment.

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Boston university summer program for international students 2022

“With the help of GRCC advisors and the GRCC International Program staff, I was able to be accepted to the University of California at Berkeley to study Chemical Engineering and Materials Science. Looking back to the first day I set foot in the U.S., I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to meet all the wonderful people who inspired, helped and encouraged me to be able to do the things I am doing right now.”

“I am absolutely thrilled with my school Thornton Academy! It is definitely very demanding academically, especially since I chose so many difficult subjects. Now I’m also very happy that I chose a dorm instead of a host family. It provides so many more opportunities to fully immerse myself in the campus and I just make more friends here. It is also as warm as staying with real families because the teachers with their spouse and children live in our dorms but in their own apartments 4 families per dorm. Truly this is the best option and thank you for convincing me! I still have a lot of privacy with my friends and yet I get to hang out with the teachers’ families, eat with them from time to time, I love it! Also, Thornton Academy has a very smart location, outside of the city, so we have our own community here, but at the same time, we can get to Portland on the weekends!

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The Club was reorganized in 1944 as the Boston Architectural Center, with the mission “to provide instruction in architecture and related fields for draftsmen and others interested in the practice of architecture or allied arts, especially those whose employment might interfere with such education in day schools. and colleges.”

In 2007, The BAC acquired 951/955 Boylston Street, the former home of the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, for $7.22 million. The 25,423-square-foot (2,361.9 m2) complex currently houses studios on the second and third floors and a conference room on the first floor. The second floor contains a flexible gallery and conference space.

The former Division 16 Back Bay Police Station was built in 1887 and later served as the headquarters of the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston. The building now includes student meeting spaces, studios, a lecture hall, and a gallery. It also features, for the first time, a universally accessible entrance through the building’s main doors.”[2] The building also features, for the first time.”[2