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Javier Murcio es director de mercados emergentes, gestor de carteras y analista soberano senior en Standish Mellon Asset Management, filial de BNY Mellon. Tiene 30 años de experiencia en el análisis de mercados emergentes, con especial énfasis en América Latina. Durante los últimos 18 años, Murcio ha dirigido equipos de investigación de mercados emergentes en varios bancos de inversión, como Credit Suisse y Paribas. Su experiencia también incluye trabajos de consultoría con empresas y gobiernos. Murcio cursó un máster en economía en la Universidad de Boston y se licenció en la Universidad Nacional de México. Habla con fluidez inglés, español y francés, además de tener conocimientos de portugués.

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Genomic Sciences study the complete genetic information of a living being that is inherited from parents to children and that makes us what we are, in contrast to the study of isolated genes of classical genetics. Genome studies can be approached from comparative, functional, evolutionary, global regulation genomics with network analysis and mathematical modeling (systems biology). New fields have opened up such as genomic medicine, paleogenomics (the study of fossil genomes or ancient DNA), oncogenomics (cancer genomics), proteogenomics (the study of proteins based on the genome), metagenomics (of many environmental species), phylogenomics (relationships between species with genomic data) and epigenomics. Genomics has extended its influence in all branches of biology, medicine and agriculture.

The general objective of the Bachelor’s Degree in Genomic Sciences is to train the human resources required by the country to achieve an optimal development of Genomic Sciences, which affect a wide range of human activities, both academic and professional.

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The CEU-Boston University Program is aimed at students from the Faculties of Economics and Business, Law, Humanities and Communication Sciences at CEU San Pablo University who wish to acquire training in the world of business with a global focus. This program is an opportunity for the student to develop in one of the most recognized academic environments in the world.

Compatible DegreesTo participate in the CEU-Boston University Program, it is an indispensable condition to be enrolled as a student at CEU San Pablo University throughout the program. The following degrees are compatible with this IBP:

Boston University boasts 8 Nobel Prizes, 23 Pulitzer Prizes and the National Book Award, among others. It also boasts New York Times best-selling authors and hundreds of nationally renowned scholars in every discipline. It ranks among the world’s top universities in employability.

The Faculty – Metropolitan CollegeBoston University Metropolitan College (MET) was founded in 1965. For half a century, its mission has been to expand the influence of Boston University, ensuring that the resources of a leading research university are accessible to the community and the world through the exchange of ideas and a spirit of innovation.

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The Longwood Campus building at the corner of Brookline and Longwood Avenues, which had been the University’s main campus since 1930, is acquired by neighboring Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, which integrates the building into its facilities (retaining the exterior facade, but gutting and reconstructing the interior).

The 2D Fine Arts department organizes an annual Master Print Series, where MassArt invites a visiting artist to work collaboratively with students and faculty in the printmaking department to produce professional-grade editions for the artist.[11] The MassArt Auction, a MassArt auction, is an annual event.

The MassArt Auction, a ticketed event organized by Institutional Advancement, takes place in April and features major artworks that are sold to directly benefit student scholarships.[12] The MassArt Auction is held in April.

MassArt is located on Huntington Avenue, which has been designated and signed as «The Avenue of the Arts» in Boston. The campus is also adjacent to the Longwood Medical Area, and its immediate neighbors on Longwood Avenue include Harvard Medical School and MCPHS University (formerly Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences). Nearby neighbors along Huntington Avenue include the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (ISGM), the Museum of Fine Arts, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA), and the Wentworth Institute of Technology. Further along «The Avenue of the Arts» are Northeastern University, Boston University Theater, Boston Symphony Hall, Horticultural Hall, and the New England Conservatory of Music.