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Every student must have health insurance. If you can demonstrate that you have your own health insurance coverage in the United States for the summer program, you may apply for a waiver of the university’s health insurance policy. Otherwise, $475 for medical insurance will be included in your tuition for three weeks of the summer on-site program.

Note: In order to satisfy F-1 visa requirements, students must register for credits with a minimum of 6 hours per week per face-to-face semester. Other visa types may have other requirements.

Students who fail to pay their tuition fees by the due dates will be charged an extra late registration fee. Please note that the university offers deferred payment plans.

You may choose to stay in the on-campus housing during the three weeks of the summer program. Please note that if you plan to bring family members with you, you will need to make arrangements for their accommodation. The university does not make off-campus housing arrangements by email or telephone. Once in Washington, D.C., the Housing Office will be able to assist the student with information regarding housing resources. For more information, please click here.

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Studying abroad is a wonderful experience that will change your way of thinking and allow you to grow as a person.  The United States is a very popular student destination because of its quality of education and tremendous opportunities.  Therefore, before finalizing your admissions to a university in the United States, it is important to fully understand and weigh the pros and cons. Only when you do this can you arrive at a logical decision based on reason.The number of available programs and quality universities in the United States is very impressive. Tuition rates at most of these universities are also quite high, making the United States a favorable destination for students.

Qualified faculty members are very important in guiding students in their chosen field of interest. In this, the U.S. is excellent, most universities hire only the best in their respective fields. In addition, visiting foreign professors and scholars allow for great interactions and better education.The flexibility of American education is one of the best in the world. There are many options available in a particular field of interest. Students have unlimited options and the freedom to specialize in specific areas.Here is a directory of universities located in the U.S., listed in alphabetical order: A

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How much does it cost to study abroad? Surely you have searched everywhere for this information and no one has given you an answer. In addition to the academic costs, you should think about living expenses, flights, administrative procedures, etc. And although the prices are very variable and we cannot tell you exactly how much your specific study plan will cost, we will try to give you an overview of the most common costs to carry out your educational project in the most demanded countries by our international students: Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States.

When you are interested in any educational institution abroad, the first step is to send an application for admission. Many times this process is free, although there are institutions where you must pay an admission fee or enrollment fee. The amount depends on the fee set by the particular institution, and can be around 150-200 USD on average.

You must take into account the charge for materials, which are around 100 – 150 USD per semester for English courses; for other types of studies this figure can vary between 200 – 500 USD per year, being more expensive the materials for scientific studies, for example, than those for administrative studies.

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El programa Global South Scholar-In-Residence es un programa que pretende desarrollar un intercambio intelectual entre académicos de África, Asia y América Latina y el profesorado del Instituto de Postgrado. Se seleccionarán tres candidatos por semestre para que pasen un semestre en el Instituto con el fin de aprovechar el programa para actualizar su currículo docente, participar en cursos de enseñanza, avanzar en sus proyectos de investigación y contribuir a enriquecer la vida intelectual del Instituto. Se dará prioridad a los profesores universitarios -con preferencia a las mujeres y a los académicos noveles- que tratarán de aplicar los beneficios de su estancia en el Instituto al regresar a su propia institución. Condiciones para la solicitud: – Doctorado en activo como profesor universitario; – Especialización en uno de los ámbitos o disciplinas del Instituto: Asuntos Internacionales, Estudios de Desarrollo, Derecho Internacional, Economía Internacional, Relaciones Internacionales, Historia Internacional

Call for Papers Fabricating the Body: Textiles and human health in historical perspective Pasold Research Fund Conference Centre for Medical History, University of Exeter 6 – 8 April, 2011 Esta conferencia tiene como objetivo reunir a los historiadores del textil y de la ropa, y de la salud, con los estudiosos de la historia social, médica, cultural y económica para examinar las ricas conexiones entre los textiles, la salud y el bienestar humano, las cuestiones ambientales y la autoexpresión (incluyendo los movimientos de “buscadores de la luz del sol” y “cultura del cuerpo” de los últimos 150 años). La conferencia acoge ponencias que aborden cinco temas principales: – La fabricación de textiles a principios de la era moderna y la asociación de influencias benignas y malignas en el crecimiento de la industria y el impacto en la mano de obra, el uso de la tierra y el agua. – Los costes medioambientales modernos de la producción textil, desde la utilización del suelo (y la erosión) hasta la fabricación química de fibras artificiales y las consecuencias de las minas tóxicas.