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United States Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Mobility of 2 undergraduate and graduate students, for 1 semester. Teaching and researcher mobility. 14-Mar-18 14-Mar-23 All

Russia Latin American Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences Student internships. 09-Oct-18 09-Oct-22 Social Sciences, Political Science, Economics, Cultural Studies

Russia Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia Mobility of 2 undergraduate and graduate students, for 1 semester. Teaching and researcher mobility. Mobility of administrative and technical personnel. 19-mar-18 19-mar-23 All

Japan Tokyo University of Science Graduate student research internships. Academic and researcher mobility 08-Apr-21 08-Apr-26 School of Mechanical Engineering

National Center for Food Science and Technology – CITA Center for Grain and Seed Research – CIGRAS Center for Research in Agricultural Economics and Agroenterprise Development – CIEDA

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The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union has brought with it numerous changes in all areas, including university education. With the Brexit, the possibilities for EU students to study at universities in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland with funding or grants were closed.

Another benefit of the June/July 2021 extraordinary call for English university, in addition to access to funding, is that it allows maintaining the same fees that apply for British students, the well-known Home Fees Status.

For undergraduate degrees, annual university fees remain at £9,250 and receive 100% funding. For master’s degrees, funding covers up to £11,222 per year. Among the masters programs included in the call for applications there are many whose fees can be fully funded as they do not exceed the maximum funding amount.

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The University of Bristol is internationally distinguished as one of the UK’s most popular and successful universities. It is consistently ranked among the top 10 universities in the UK (QS World University Rankings, 2022).

The University is dedicated to academic achievement at the highest level across a wide range of disciplines. Bristol has six academic faculties – Engineering, Science, Life Sciences, Health Sciences, Arts, and Social Sciences and Law.

In 2017, The Sunday Times named Bristol as the UK’s best city to live in, and praised its “excellent retail, lively social scene and glorious countryside.” Welcoming students and staff from more than 150 countries, Bristol is a truly international university. This exciting diversity creates a stimulating and dynamic community that feels warm and friendly. The University continually invests in its facilities, training and technology to give all students the best opportunity to succeed.

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