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Tuya or Smart Life App] Wifi Smart Universal IR Remote

Review:I bought it because I don’t have the remote control for a vincent amplifier and it doesn’t have it included. Disappointed. Otherwise it seems to work regularly, because I created some macros, to turn on the tv and Movistar decoder and sometimes fails and does not start anything but the TV. The representation of the remote, should be complete on the screen of a smarphone, but you have to change the screen and in the end you take the remote. The theory is very nice, but in practice, it leaves a little to be desired. I do not recommend it if it does not improve. Read more

Pairing modular roller blind with broadlink rm 4 pro

For example, the Amazon Echo stands out for its switchboard compatible with the Zigbee standard that allows you to forget about buying bridges of other brands to manage devices such as smart bulbs among many others.  Similarly, the Echo Plus stands out for its higher sound quality.

However, not all owners of a fourth-generation Amazon Echo or a second-generation Echo Plus know that both models also include a temperature sensor. And you may wonder how useful can be something that, for example, you can know perfectly well by consulting numerous existing weather apps for Android or iOS mobile devices.

Because imagine leaving the house and not realizing you’ve left the window open. Your pet could freeze if it’s a cold day – or wander along the railing if it’s a cat. So if you want to prevent such situations, it might be interesting to take advantage of this included temperature sensor.

Ready, you can now ask your Amazon Echo what is the temperature of the group it belongs to and it will give it to you. For example, if the group is called Living Room and you ask “Alexa, what is the temperature of Living Room” it will tell you.

Parte 1 Broadlink manager aprendiendo Códigos IR y RF de la forma más fácil

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BroadLink – RM4 Pro, mando a distancia universal IR y HF, concentrador todo en uno, función de aprendizaje de códigos, WiFi, para instalaciones domésticas inteligentes y de entretenimiento (TV, STB, aire acondicionado, motor de cortina) Compatible con Alexa.

RM4 Mini IR Mando a distancia universal RM4 mini es una versión actualizada de RM mini3. A diferencia del RM mini3, el RM4 mini es más compacto. Es compatible con un cable sensor especial que puede controlar y mostrar la temperatura ambiente y la humedad en la aplicación en tiempo real. El cable sensor se vende por separado si es necesario.