Brock lesnar wins universal championship

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Due to the reintroduction of the brand split, a new WWE Draft was held on SmackDown Live on July 19, 2016, which sent WWE Champion Dean Ambrose to the SmackDown Live brand roster.[6][7] At Battleground on July 24, Ambrose successfully retained the championship against two members of the Raw brand, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. [8] When Ambrose retained the championship, Raw was left without a World Championship.[9] The following night on Raw, brand commissioner Stephanie McMahon and general manager Mick Foley created the WWE Universal Championship to be Raw’s top championship.

The original champion was crowned at SummerSlam on August 21, 2016, in a singles match; Seth Rollins was immediately qualified by being the brand’s first-round draft pick and not having received the pinfall at Battleground, while his opponent was determined after the winners of two Fatal Four-Way matches held on Raw faced off against each other. Finn Bálor won the first Fatal Four-Way after defeating Cesaro, Kevin Owens and Rusev, while Roman Reigns won the second after defeating Chris Jericho, Sami Zayn and Sheamus. Bálor subsequently defeated Reigns, qualifying as Rollins’ opponent for SummerSlam.[10] At that event, Bálor defeated Rollins to become the first champion in history, and also became the first WWE wrestler to win a world championship on his debut at a pay-per-view (PPV) event, as well as winning it in less than a month since his debut on the main roster.[11] At that event, Bálor defeated Rollins and became the first champion in history, as well as the first WWE wrestler to win a world championship on his debut at a pay-per-view (PPV) event, as well as winning it in less than a month since his debut on the main roster.[11

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El combate de Brock Lesnar contra Goldberg en WrestleMania 33 el domingo tuvo todo lo que querías en un combate de peso pesado. La lucha fue intensa, llena de acción e impactante, ya que Goldberg buscaba retener el campeonato universal y mejorar el 3-0 en el cara a cara con Lesnar.Al final, fue una actuación increíble de Lesnar en un combate rápido que lo vio arrebatar el cinturón.Sólo hay que ver cómo comenzó – con Goldberg visitando «Suplex City» antes de levantarse y lanzar el infierno viviente de Lesnar no una, sino tres veces en cuestión de segundos, con la última siendo simplemente un golpe en los huesos.

Brock lesnar wins universal championship 2021

During the SummerSlam 2022 telecasts on Peacock and WWE Network, Superstar Roman Reigns managed to retain the unified Universal Championship after defeating Brock Lesnar in a Last Man Standing match.

This was the main showdown of the Premium Live Event summer special in Nashville, Tenn. After making his entrance driving a bulldozer, «The Beast» pounced on the Ultimate Champion and began a brutal, multi-instant punishment. Thanks to a distraction by Paul Heyman, Roman managed to get up and throw his opponent into a table. Lesnar managed to resist his opponent’s finishing moves and caught him in the bulldozer to launch him from the air into the ring.

Roman Reigns’ first defense on Friday Night SmackDown saw him with a dominant victory over Riddle. After the bout, «The Tribal Chief» declared that there was no one capable of standing up to him from here on out. However, Brock Lesnar made his entrance to the ring and attacked the titleholder with an F5. «The Beast» revealed his intentions to regain the title he lost during the titular unification at WrestleMania 38 nearly four months ago.