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J. Phelps, J.A. Polton, A.J. Souza y L. Robinson (2013) Hydrodynamic Timescales in a Macro-tidal Region of Freshwater Influence, Estuarine, Cont. Shelf Res., 63,13-22, doi: 10.1016/j.csr.2013.04.027.

L.O. Amoudry, P.S. Bell, P.D. Thorne, A.J. Souza (2013) Towards parameterizing sediment suspension over sand ripples and under regular waves in RANS models, J. Geophys. Res., 118, 1-15, doi:10.1002/jgrc.20188.

J.M. Brown, L.O. Amoudry, F.M. Mercier, A.J. Souza (2013) Intercomparison of the Charnock and COARE bulk wind stress formulations for coastal ocean modelling. Ocean Sci., 9, 721-729. doi:10.5194/os-9-721-2013.

L.O. Amoudry, A.J. Souza, J.M. Brown, R. Ramirez-Mendoza (2014) Modelling-based assessment of suspended sediment dynamics in a hypertidal estuarine channel. Ocean Dynamics, 64, 707-722. 10.1007/s10236-014-0695-8

J.M. Brown, L.O. Amoudry, A.J. Souza y J. Rees (2015) Fate and pathways of dredged estuarine sediment spoil in response to variable sediment size and baroclinic coastal circulation. Journal of Environmental Management, volumen 149, 209-221. doi:10.1016/j.jenvman.2014.10.017

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The Department of Chemistry is attached to the area of Natural Sciences. Within the institutional mission, goals and objectives, the Department offers a program of studies leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Chemistry. It also offers courses for the other science programs, for the Pedagogy students and for the general education of the student body.

The Department of Chemistry wishes to create awareness in the student of the scientific and technological development of Puerto Rico, of the problems that this development entails for society and the environment, and of the responsibility contracted with our people to contribute to its development through the use of Chemistry.

The Department also wishes to train professionals with an integrated preparation, who can appreciate the importance and changing character of Chemistry as a science and its social, economic and political impact on our people.

The research performed at my lab focuses in the computational design of molecules for solar energy or biomedical applications. We use computational chemistry to predict physical properties of new molecules in order to determine which ones will improve the efficiency of a solar cell or be capable to react with reactive oxygen species in aqueous solutions.    One of the physical properties that we study is the reduction potential of a molecule. The reduction potentials of two reacting molecules can be used to predict if the reaction is spontaneous or not. By calculating the reduction potential of a new molecules one can save time and energy in the synthesis and characterization of molecules that would not be adequate to perform the reaction of interest.    Other physical properties that we investigate are spectroscopic absorption and emission energies of organic molecules and electron transfer rates between donor and acceptor sites.

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AlumniDesde tu época de estudiante hasta tu experiencia de postgrado como alumni, el apoyo y las comodidades de Kingster continúan, como resultado de tu conexión con la Red de Alumni de KU, que ya supera las 150.000 personas.

La Universidad Kingster fue establecida por John Smith en 1920 para el beneficio público y es reconocida mundialmente. A lo largo de nuestra gran historia, Kingster ha ofrecido acceso a una amplia gama de oportunidades académicas. Como líder mundial en educación superior, la Universidad ha sido pionera en el cambio del sector.

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On Tuesday, a scathing report from the state auditor criticized the online community college for failing to live up to its ideals. Among the key findings: most of its students have dropped out or halted their academic progress, and Calbright has no process to ensure its students get good jobs.

Calbright, created in 2018, has never had legislative support. Its first champion, former Gov. Jerry Brown, and his successor, Gov. Gavin Newsom, have forced the experimental institution over the annual budget finish line, upsetting faculty and union groups. who call the university a boondoggle and say it draws money from existing, beleaguered community colleges.

In written responses as part of the audit report, Calbright leaders agreed with all the findings. The college was already on track to make needed reforms, said Pamela Haynes, chairwoman of the board of trustees that oversees Calbright. “We will meet all the requirements in terms of timeline to be able to do that,” she said.