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In 1894, Colonel Arthur T. Prescott was elected as the college’s first president. He moved to Ruston and began supervising the construction of a two-story main building. The brick building housed eight large classrooms, an auditorium, a chemistry laboratory, and two offices. A frame building was also constructed nearby and was used for mechanics instruction. The main building was located on a 20-acre (81,000 m2) tract of land that was donated to the school by Francis P. Stubbs. On September 23, 1895, the school began its first session with six teachers and 202 students.

In May 1897, Harry Howard became the first graduate. Colonel Prescott awarded him a bachelor’s degree in industry, but there was no formal commencement. The first formal commencement was held at the Ruston Opera House the following May with ten graduates receiving their diplomas.

The Constitution adopted on June 18, 1921, changed the name of the school in Article XII, Section 9, from Louisiana Industrial Institute to Louisiana Polytechnic Institute,[9] or «Louisiana Tech» for short.

Why was miner hall demolished

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Los clubes de baloncesto profesional de élite europeos no persiguen la maximización de los beneficios económicos en sí mismos, sino que también buscan crear valor social para las partes interesadas debido al alcance de la comunidad y al vínculo emocional que crean estas organizaciones. El objetivo de este trabajo es utilizar un sistema contable denominado contabilidad social para medir los efectos sociales de la actividad de una organización en un esfuerzo por monetizar y describir el valor holístico creado por estas organizaciones deportivas para sus grupos de interés.

Este estudio aplica una contabilidad social adaptada y rediseñada mediante la metodología SPOLY a dos clubes de baloncesto de élite de la Liga ACB (Primera División española), con el fin de monetizar su valor social. Esta metodología integra el valor social de no mercado (valor creado para los grupos de interés sin transacción financiera) con el valor social de mercado (valor creado para los grupos de interés a través de transacciones de mercado), monetizando dimensiones validadas para el valor social de no mercado y de mercado obtenidas a través de la información proporcionada por los clubes y sus estados financieros.

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Skidmore College is a private liberal arts college in Saratoga Springs, New York. Approximately 2650 students are enrolled at Skidmore to pursue a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in one of more than 60 areas of study.

Skidmore College has undergone many transformations since its founding in the early 20th century as a women’s college. The Young Women’s Industrial Club was formed in 1903 by Lucy Ann Skidmore (1853-1931) with money from the estate of her husband, who died in 1879, and her father, Joseph Russell Skidmore (1821-1882), a former coal merchant. In 1911, the club was founded under the name «Skidmore School of Arts» as a college to train young women vocationally and professionally.[5] Skidmore College was established in 1911.

Skidmore College was established in downtown Saratoga Springs, but on October 28, 1961, the college acquired the Jonsson Campus, 850 acres (3.4 km2) of land on the outer edges of Saratoga Springs. The Jonsson Campus was named for Skidmore Trustee Erik Jonsson, the founder and president of Texas Instruments and former mayor of Dallas, Texas (1964-71). The new Jonsson Tower is named after him. The first new buildings on the campus opened in 1966 and, by 1973, the move was nearly complete. The old campus was sold to Verrazzano College, a new institution that was not successful, and its buildings have since been put to other uses.